1. Make a Plan:

By far the most important aspect when fat loss is that you follow a concrete Plan and not just a “freestyle” move. This behavior can easily cause you to take in much more energy than you need, so you keep screwing with your success. Of course it is just for beginners not necessarily easy to draw up a Plan, let alone to keep themselves permanently to a Plan, but exactly this is the key to success. Will you aware of the fact that both the muscle building and the fat reduction will need time. Accordingly, you should take your eating habits once more exactly under the magnifying glass and all the debauchery on Board. Start a meal structure, so that you learn regularly. By the way, the usual regularity makes it easier for you not only the Scheduling of micro-nutrients, but also the implementation of going to any necessary adaptations in terms of energy and nutrient distribution.


  1. Keep your protein intake high:

The second essential aspect that helps you to reduce fat to lose as little muscle mass, is a constantly high protein intake, since the body is thus prevented from assaulting in the case of need to the protein structures of skeletal muscle. As a guideline, has proven itself in the field of motor sports, the consumption of at least 2 grams of Protein per kilogram of body weight and day. In the case of very intense Training, or an additional burden by additional sport types, as they operate many of us, you can increase your protein intake to 2,5 grams per kilogram of body weight, to be on the safe side. Of course, it is just hard in the beginning, relatively large amounts of Protein. This is easier by adding to each meal a little Protein or adequate protein supplements, consume more.


  1. Support your Training:

If we are ever in the case of food supplements, it should be mentioned that this can not only help your overall protein needs, but also the performance in the Training support. For this reason, bodybuilders swear by for decades on the supply of high quality amino acids from Whey Protein after, and sometimes prior to the Training. In particular, after Training, the consumption of a so-called Post-Workout shake is recommended, because the nutrients go quickly into the blood and therefore, essential to initiate regeneration processes, especially in the course of a diet is of great importance. In practice, it is recommended that a Shake with about 0.5 grams of Whey Protein per kilogram of body weight.


  1. Eighth-aware of your fat consumption:

A few years ago, it was believed in many Parts of the Fitness Community, that the reduction of fat consumption, is the key to success. Today we know, however, that especially in the context of a reduced-calorie diet is not the primary on the fat savings should be made, because the organism needs this essential nutrient, among other things, to hormones, to produce and, more generally, in order to keep the body’s metabolism is technically in balance. In addition, the body tends to reduce fat loss, as soon as a few of fat from the outside is supplied. Accordingly, you should be aware of in the course of your diet planning that you take at least a gram of fat per kilogram of body weight and day. Needless to say, it should be a big piece to the healthy Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.