You’ve decided to make the morning REALLY something important for your Exercise? And then you pressed right, five times the snooze button, and didn’t get out of bed because it was “too cold”?

Good thing is that there are some energy-saving tactics that can help you. And healthy habits which should always be as simple as possible. It is difficult enough to start a new training plan or set a new goal – get you on the path to success a little easier!

I try to always read a lot. If I have no new book, I read same books, often several times. In one book, author described a 20 second rule, which is good for everyone. In it, he mentions the 20-second rule, which comes into play when you want to acquire a new habit.

The 20-Second Rule

If you want to make something a habit, you need to keep the required energy as low as possible. This means: The less time you need to make you start to clearly (ideally 20 seconds or less), the more likely it is that you want your new habit to really pull this off!

Here are a few examples of the 20-second rule in everyday life:

Put your gym clothes right next to your bed so that you can make after the Wake up Workout from the Results App.

Always carry a bottle of water around with you, so that you have more to drink.

Imagine a water pitcher on your table so you have enough to drink.

Keep your vitamin supplements in addition to your bed, so you don’t forget to take them in the morning.

The same applies again, if you get rid of bad habits like. If you have to spend more energy to this living live fixes, you’ll probably be less often a relapse.

Do you want to waste less time on the Couch in front of the TV? Take the batteries out of the remote control and lift at least 20 seconds away from it.