A good muscles reduces clearly the risk of a dementia disease. More accurate correlations are now to be explored.

People with little muscles have seemingly diseases have a higher risk for dementia. In a US study, a mere senior citizens buildings without adequate muscles and mentally and suffered also more likely to have Alzheimer’s than their peers with more Muscle.



The researchers at the Medical Center of Rush University in Chicago suggests, due to the results of the study, the age-related Degeneration of muscles and mind similar mechanisms underlie. The Team has nearly 1000 older people over a period of about three and a half years. The subjects were, on average, 80 years old and had to start the investigation of good mental Fitness. They were regularly tested, neurologically, and psychologically. Furthermore, they noted that at intervals the condition of the muscles of the involved men and women. 138 men and women (14.2%) patients within the study period, Alzheimer’s disease. The scientists noticed that the higher the muscles the risk of Dementia of the participants decreased significantly. The relationships have not been explored. The authors of the study suggest, however, that damaged mitochondria, the energy power plants of cells, are both for the spiritual degradation, as well as the muscles responsible. A recommendation could therefore be to do strength training even in the elderly popular.