This vegetable contains a substance that helps build muscle strength. This was demonstrated by Swedish researchers in a new study.
Who is eating spinach and other nitrate-containing vegetables, gets, according to a Swedish study, in fact, stronger muscles.
Researchers at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute added the salt for a week to the drinking water of experimental mice, and were able to see a significant strengthening of your muscles, as a now presented study.
200 to 250 grams of spinach per day
The daily used nitrate corresponded to the ratio of that to take a human when consuming from 200 to 250 grams of spinach per day.
No effect the salt has on slow twitch, so-called Slow-Twitch muscle fibers, which come at a low effort. In the case of the larger effort-twitch Fast-Twitch claimed fast fibers was observed, however, been a significant change.
Nitrate increased the concentration of two proteins
The researchers attribute the effect to the fact that the nitrate increases the concentration of the two muscles contained in proteins. The proteins in turn, led to a rising concentration of calcium in the muscles, what is the strength of Fast-Twitch fibers.
He now hopes not only to applications in the field of sports, but also on progress in the treatment of muscle disorders or weakness symptoms in old age. Further experiments in mice should therefore follow clinical studies, said Hernández.