Say no to disco pumper and Yes to train legs!

So-called disco pumper, which only train the torso and legs to be in the Disco is as wide as possible to look in principle I disagree with.

Also, I was not at the beginning of my strength sport career, firmly believe that leg training is absolutely necessary to play anyway enough of football and the daily climbing of stairs at work/school will be sufficient.

It is not so, I had to see relatively quickly!

Legs workout reason 1: keyword symmetry

I often see in Studios are diligently trained people achieve good results. You have a well shaped chest, wide shoulders and large biceps, but it looks a Meter deep, often only two lanky legs.

Initially, the Whole falls not so much weight, but after a while you reach a point where so scrawny Flamingo legs fit to the torso. The Whole thing looks like as a total package very unbalanced.

The big disadvantage, however, lies not only in the reduced Aesthetics of the overall picture, it is also extremely hard to correct this imbalance by leg training. It takes a lot of time and energy, this residue back later to catch up.

Narrow leg will also draw focus to these. The people in Your surrounding will admire Your body, but Your narrow legs, which will limit the success. Alone for these reasons, it’s not worth it to skip on the leg workout!

Legs workout reason 2: speaking of growth hormones

To build muscles, releases the body after a hard and intense leg training growth hormones. These natural anabolic (building) hormones are something very valuable and that every athlete would like to have them.

This is also a reason why leg training is so important. How many muscle-building hormones depends on distributes Your body strongly on the size of the muscle that is trained.

For example, if You only bicep exercise that is relatively small, the perspectives of the body, less growth hormones and, therefore, the successes will be smaller.

Fact: The largest muscle in Your body is the back muscles and the leg muscles, and as we now know, pour this is also the most hormones. If You don’t tell your legs is a workout for You, then You give away valuable growth hormones that would make Your muscles grow better!

Legs workout reason 3: speaking of body tension

Who would like to train with heavy Weights and muscles, and build strength, you need a stable base. The leg muscles are the largest muscle group in our body and forms the Foundation.

Are You determined to cope with a heavy weight, tensing during Exercise Your entire body, and particularly the muscles of the legs provides for good stability.