This is my last Budapest post! *sob*

We spent our final day on the Buda side of the river.
Buda lies west of the Danube. It’s the quieter and more residential side of the city but still contains some big tourist draws such as Buda Castle, the Citadella and our specific destination, the Gellért Thermal Baths.
Before that though, we nipped to the market one final time to grab some food.
We sat near the liberty bridge to eat our lunch and try to keep the pigeons at bay, whilst looking over at where we would be heading for the day.

Budapest’s Gellért Spa is is one of the most famous thermal spa baths in Europe. The Art Nouveau building is incredible and the eight thermal pools range in temperature from 26°C to 38°C, the water is good for pain in the joints, arthritis and blood circulation.
I didn’t take any pictures inside the bath areas, or at the incredible outdoor pool as it felt a bit uncomfortable taking pictures of random half naked people. You need to google image what they look like though. I’ll let the entryway and little cafe inside the building speak for themselves..




Being British, we, of course, went for the hottest baths.. and it was hot, lovely but HOT. The whole place was so relaxing and beautiful, if you are in Budapest try and set aside a full day to spend there, you won’t regret it.

After a good long soak, a few swims and a sunbathe (for my mom, I’m as pale as a ghost so happily read my kindle in the shade), we had a quick wander around Buda before heading back to Pest for dinner. From the little we saw, Buda is beautiful and definitely somewhere I will spend more time exploring on my next visit to Budapest.


We stopped by our apartment for a quick shower and change before strolling down to the town square for some live music and street food.
We stopped to pick up a bottle of bubbly and took our seats in front of a little wooden bandstand. We thought it was probably about time we upgraded from drinking from the bottle, so we really pushed the boat out and went for.. champagne in plastic cups!
It’s all about being classy when you travel with us two!

We collected food from a couple of different stalls, grabbed a some of glasses of sangria once the champagne ran out and took in the sights of the setting sun behind the beautiful buildings and the sounds of travelers from all over the world chatting in every language imaginable before the music started.


Dave and Chocolate (you can’t really get a better name) played everything from The Animals to Bob Marley to Oasis and got the full crowds singing along all night. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend our final evening in Budapest.

Until next time Hungary… köszönöm és viszontlátásra.

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My 23rd Birthday


I’ve really been dragging these Budapest posts out haven’t I? Well two months after the event I can finally admit that I am in fact 23 (officially MID-twenties?!) and that I’m no longer in beautiful Hungary. I’m also in the middle of a twenty three day stretch at work with one day off.. the excuses could just keep on coming here!
So, are you ready? Because this is a mammoth post!

I woke up on this morning a whole year older.. twenty-three! Ouch!
I walked out of my room into the kitchen to find my mom had set up a lovely little birthday breakfast. We spent the morning leisurely getting ready for the day whilst watching the latest Kardashians episode.. if you can’t have guilty pleasures on your birthday, when can you?!
Birthday Breakfast Table Champagne Flowers
In case you were wondering, that jewellery box had a beautiful vintage ring in, a Claddagh (I have an Irish heratige) with opals (my favourite) and a ruby center (my birthstone).
Gold Opal Ruby Claddagh Ring

Our first stop of the day was just down the street, St Stephens Basilica which is Budapest’s largest church. It is dedicated to Hungary’s first king, St. Stephen and houses his mummified right hand, the Szent Jobb (Holy Right Hand).


I’d read a lot about the Basilica before our trip and I wanted to save looking around it properly for my birthday. It certainly didn’t disappoint, the interior is just as (if not more) impressive than it looks from the outside.





After looking around the Basilica, I, somewhat foolishly, decided to go up to the Panorama Tower. A narrow spiral staircase with nearly 400 steps leads you up to the most amazing views of the city.
About halfway up those hundreds of stairs I realised just how unfit I was and had to stop for a breather. I took far too many pictures of the staircase at this point so people walking past me didn’t think I was actually about to die… I’ll only inflict one of those photos on you though.

I’ve never been bothered by heights before, but when I got outside onto the panorama tower I felt super dizzy and unsteady. I don’t know if it was the stair climb beforehand, the breathtaking view at the top or the sheer height itself, maybe a combination of the three. But after a few minutes I calmed down and was able to take in the amazing 360 views around Budapest.


After coming back down all of those stairs, surely it was time for the first desert of the day? And I knew exactly where we were headed. After seeing a friends instagram from Gelarto Rosa, I couldn’t wait to try it. Amazing gelato and sorbet, molded into the shape of a rose, with the most delicious flavours to choose from.
I went for strawberry elderflower, dark chocolate and pistachio, my mom had lemon and sour cherry.
It’s safe to say this definitely wasn’t our last Gelarto Rosa of the holiday…

The early afternoon was spent wandering the streets of the city center, nipping in and out of shops, buying souvenirs (yes I’m that girl with the shot glasses of everywhere she’s been) and watching Christmas themed street performers.. because no matter what time of year it is, Hungarians just love Christmas.

We soon decided it was time for a drink and desert number two. We headed down to the river and quickly ran down one of the jetty’s (my mom isn’t a fan of water), towards a pub boat that looked like a pirate ship.

Everything inside was Marylin Monroe and James Dean themed, the walls were covered in old newspaper clippings and memorabilia, my kind of place.
Despite the weather being a little windy on the river we sat out on one of the decks. I went for a delicious lemonade cocktail and a strange but wonderful apricot pancake-esque dish. Unfortunately that wind I mentioned made taking a photo of it without my hair in the frame somewhat difficult, I just about managed it in the end though.


After a few too many drinks for the middle of the day and so much laughing the staff began to look at us like we were insane, we thought it was about time to head back to our apartment and get ready for the night.

In my opinion, every good night out begins with pre-drinks, even better when it’s your birthday and champagne is on the menu.. don’t worry about being classy either, straight from the bottle will do!


Starting my 23rd year as I mean to go on. Let the birthday night out in Budapest commence!

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We started the night with dinner and drinks at Otkert, a Restaurant/Bar/Club not far from where we were staying. My mom went for a small beer with her meal…
The food wasn’t the best , but the atmosphere was great so we decided to stay on after dinner and sample the extensive cocktail menu. Of course, I had to start with a gin based one, a Bodzás és Gyömbéres Gimlet (gin, elderflower and ginger)… I might have struggled pronouncing it before drinking it, there was absolutely no chance after!

Luckily, after this cocktail the camera was stored away safely and the rest of the evening will remain a mystery ;)


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Jamie T – Zombie
I was a massive Jamie T fan back in the day and I couldn’t be happier that he’s making music again. Zombie is the first ‘official’ single from the new album and although it’s quite different from his old stuff, I LOVE it!

St Motel – My Type
This song is far too upbeat and preppy for me but its just one of those songs that’s so catchy I can’t help but bop along! It’s also perfect for blasting out on the drive to work.

Glass Animals – Hazey
I thought I had to end with some proper new music. I’m obsessed with this track, it’s perfectly off beat and ethereal. Glass Animals are an indie band from Oxford with a bit of an electronic edge, if you’re in need of ‘cool’ background music they are definitely it.